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Business Operations

 Type: Internship  Organization: TFJoy Limited  Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands  Duration: 6 months


Scope of the internship

In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations and further improve customer satisfaction and engagement, we require additional support for our country managers.


The principal objectives to be achieved are as follows:


1. Coordinating with country managers on the design of new in-game activities as well as activities on various social platforms;

2. Writing creative announcements to encourage customers to partake in various events; 

3. Daily testing of the games to check for game bugs and improve product understanding;

4. Business intelligence: gathering internal feedback on activities and customer preferences;

5. Supporting the daily operational work, e.g. handling customers’ requests and questions and determining appropriate solutions.


l  Hours per week: 40 - 45

l  Salary: € 550,- gross per month excluding possible compensation of equipment

l  Additional benefits: paid holiday leave; flexible working hours; recreation area; company activities, e.g. company dinners and sports activities


Working at TFJoy means working in a dynamic, flexible, proactive and multicultural environment. To encourage communication, cooperation and critical discussions within our company we regularly hold team events which lead to closer ties among colleagues, on a personal as well as a professional level.



1.         We are looking for a candidate who is able to work within a dynamic organization; in which many new abbreviations and business talk will come along. We believe that an independent, proactive and curious, self-starting candidate would fit the company.

2.         We are looking for a Business School student with management/media/communication education and an aptitude for IT.

3.         The student should be a Mandarin Chinese native speaker. In addition, good proficiency in English speaking, reading and writing is preferred.

4.         An interest in playing games is appreciated, especially mobile games.


5.         Well-organised and detailed person with good time-management and good communication skills. The ability to handle multiple projects and multi-customer environments simultaneously as well as adequate problem-solving capabilities are also required.


l  Required language skills: Mandarin Chinese and English



TFJoy, short for Tap For Joy, is a leading mobile game publisher for game companies that want to expand internationally. Our focus is on bringing high-quality games to various markets, providing the game in the local language as well as offering high-quality local support.


With over 10 years of experience in the mobile game industry, 3 veterans set out to establish a mobile game company that would do more than simply publish games. They envisioned a game company that would offer continued support to players across the world, in their own language and for as long as they want the game to be supported. With this in mind TFJoy was founded in Hong Kong in 2013. Since then TFJoy has released various games in different markets and languages, with the number of markets we operate in increasing at a rapid pace. We pride ourselves on our market understanding and knowledge of country-specific distribution and marketing channels.


We genuinely believe that mobile games can bring joy to the daily lives of people and provide our products and services to as a big a population as we can with this in mind.


Our primary customers are hard-core gamers or young students. Our game purchasing team identifies and buys games around the world. These games are subsequently localised and tested in specific markets; we are looking for native people to assist in the daily operations across our various markets.


l  Industry: Information / Communication

l  Organisation size: 11 - 50

l  Company website:


If you are interested in joining us, please send your cover letter and CV to us.

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