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Air France KLM
Tupolevlaan 2-24a
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End-User Devices

Internship at Air France KLM IT Engineering End-User Devices

Would you like to do your internship at the IT department of Air France KLM? We have a great assignment for you.

End-User Devices internship assignment.


Within the Air France KLM business at Schiphol Airport the use of printers is often critical to run the operation.

The printer infrastructure is however somewhat outdated. One of the components that needs to be innovated is the printer box.

A printer box is a small physical device between the printer and the network. The printer box itself is connected to the ethernet network, the printer is connected to the printer box by either a serial connection, parallel connection, or USSB connection.

The functionality of the printer box differs per brand, but in general it is used for:

  • The box acts as a print server
  • The box created print queues
  • The box can do codeset translations, needed by some applications
  • The box can connect multiple printers to a single IP outlet
  • The IP address of the box stays the same, when the connected printer is swapped

Within Air France KLM at Schiphol, 3 different boxes are used, because they all have slightly different functionality. The 3 brands are:

  • Lexmark
  • Axis
  • HP Jetdirect

At this moment, several printer boxes are still in stock at Air France KLM. But the printer boxes, as we have them, are no longer made. To prevent issues in the future, we are looking for alternative solutions.


This internship assignment focuses on:

Gathering of information:

  • Physical: Location and type of printer boxes (+/- 100), and printers connected to the printer boxes.
  • Functional: Purpose of the printer boxes.
  • Technical: Configuration of the printer boxes.

Analyze / study of new technical solutions that can replace the printer boxes.

Project proposal:

  • What are the benefits, the costs and the risks to migrate from the old situation to the new solution?
  • (optional) What is the plan of approach to migrate to the new solution (time, resources, etc.).

Method of work:

  • Create an overview of the printer boxes by doing on-site research where the printer boxes are located. The printer boxes are located on different locations around Schiphol. This will require security screening to receive a Schiphol Access pass.
  • Interview representatives from the Information Management department, Development and Deployment to find out the functional use and technical configuration of the boxes.
  • Use tooling to analyze the technical configuration of the boxes. 
  • Document all findings. 
  • Perform a study which new technology can deliver the same functionality.
  • Create a proof of concept test environment to demo new solutions
  • Share your findings with our Technical architect and IT Specialists to challenge your findings. The selected solutions need to fit within the Air France KLM IT Architecture.
  • Create an advice / decision document in the form of a presentation. Which solutions can be used and how do these solutions work (demo or architectural description)? What are the pros, the cons and the costs of the different solutions? Give an advice which solution fits best within our infrastructure.
  • (optional) Create a plan of approach, how to migrate from the current printer boxes to the required solution.

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