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Pay After Delivery - Improving processes with data

Would you like to learn the ins and outs of the FinTech world? The MultiSafepay development team works on plugins for platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart and many others. We are offering you the opportunity to graduate with one of the biggest payment service providers in Europe.

What is MultiSafepay?

MultiSafepay is one of the leading online Payment Service Providers in the European market, with more than 20 years of experience. We provide comprehensive payment services for online shops and are proud to develop our plugins and features in-house.  A technology company at heart, we truly believe in innovation and new technologies to provide state-of-the-art solutions to help our business and merchants grow in the high speed market of finance and technology. We pride ourselves to create simple, yet powerful solutions to a broad range of different merchants. MultiSafepay controls the end-to-end payment flow for tens of thousands of merchants throughout Europe and are continuously expanding our scope and reach. New market opportunities like omnichannel or big data are not just buzz words, but core beliefs which our development team strives to create new exciting products and features for.


What is the challenge?

Pay After Delivery - a MultiSafepay-branded post-payment technology that offers a unique proposition – has already served tens of thousands of customers in the Netherlands and is one of our company’s crown jewels. Pay After Delivery enables customers to pay for items in an order at a later time and only for the items they intend to keep. The mechanisms behind this product are complex, with high technological, legal and regulatory implications. The Risk and Screening department at MultiSafepay – whose manual controls and checks are currently vital for the good functioning of this payment method – is aware of the potential of their enormous data sets and is willing to open them up to a challenge-seeker who will make better use of them! They are actively investigating new ways to automate processes, to make more data-driven decisions (such as risk assessments) or to find meaningful relationships between the numerous data points collected. Are you ready to answer questions such as “How can we better predict which users will be declined from using this product and why?”, “How can we increase adoption, while decreasing risk?”, “What algorithms can be used to give better meaning to the large amounts of data?”, by putting your big data and machine learning skills to work?


What is the opportunity?

We are offering a 5 month internship position at the crossroad of algorithms and data, with the possibility to join the company after graduation! We are looking for an enthusiastic soon-to-graduate developer to join our team, to fundamentally increase the performance of Pay After Delivery.

If  Python (Pandas, numpy, sklearn) / R, Jupyter, Elasticsearch, Flask, machine learning algorithms, ecommerce and FinTech are some of the things that get you excited, we look forward to help you graduate with us!  We are willing to mould the specifics of your assignment to match exactly your learning objectives and personal and professional development goals.


What do we offer?

- A generous internship allowance

- A diverse job in a young and enthusiastic team

- Numerous personal and professional development opportunities

- Innovative projects at the forefront of FinTech

- Agile working (SCRUM methodology)

- Room for personal input and ideas

- A free healthy lunch

- Participation to various events, conferences, etc. (e.g. MageTestFest)

- Friday drinks and company parties with around 60 colleagues from our Amsterdam office

- Office at a prime location in at the NDSM in Amsterdam, one of the city’s major cultural hotspots, with a breathtaking view of the river IJ.



Would you like to know more before you apply? Get in contact with us and ask for Berend Lantink - Product Owner Integration
 - for reference.

Geschikt voor studenten
  • Software Engineering
  • System and Network Engineering/Cyber Security
  • Technische Informatica