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Cybersecurity for IoT

Too little time is spent on discussing the prevention of data security issues for IoT devices right at the source. In this assignment you will search for the vulnerabilities and focus on the application of a security mechanisms on practical cases.

In agrifood industry there is a steady increase in amount of sensors and smart devices used in everyday business. However, growth is sometimes stunted because of lack of trust towards security of such devices. Clients are reluctant to have the devices communicate their private and sometimes sensitive data freely. Although there is a movement towards building safer IoT devices, researches still show that more than 90% of consumers feel like IoT providers are not doing the right job.

In addition to IoT devices gathering a lot of data, they are also often sensitive data. Disproportionately little to the amount of time spent discussing data security is spent discussing how to prevent issues right at the source.

As up to 2/3 of all IoT devices used in agrifood domain are LPWAN devices, we are interested in security mechanisms and vulnerabilities that come with this technology. After this assessment, you will focus on application of those security mechanisms on practical cases.

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