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Cognitive Platform Building for Employee Experience

We want to find out how people really feel without them telling us!!


For this assignment we are looking for eager students that have some experience in web development and are not afraid to give some spicy feedback or get some of spicy feedback.

The assignment is on global level meaning you will work with various colleagues all over the world and will have the necessary freedom and drinks every week.

This is the theme..

We would like to provide a way for enterprises to see how their colleagues are really feeling. Of course we can spam people with Surveys but… nobody likes surveys -so we will use Machine learning to understand how we are really feeling about the place we work in, the people we work with and the technology they use.

Through textual data and statistical methods we are developing a platform that will become a big recommending engine to managers all over the world to tell them what their colleagues really need.

Let’s get to business…

We would like you to create a platform that helps configure machine learning models from the back -end side. This platform will be developed with Google and their cloud premises. Your jobs include:

-        - Developing and lead your own module of the platform.

-        - Speak to stakeholders and manage the technical requirement

-        - Develop machine learning pipelines and algorithms.

o   You will get proper training in real machine learning and space to do your research.

-        - Work with some front-end frameworks

-      - -  Create your own objects and fire out your entrepreneurial mindset.

The project is relatively new, so if you are interested you can use this as your own business and make decisions yourself. Which can be used for your research and graduation.

Required skills:

-        - MVC development knowledge in python, java, C or Php

-        - Some idea of machine learning or AI concepts

-        - Interested in infrastructure and AI deployment strategies

- We are in love with you if you know some statistics or mathematics in software development

Geschikt voor studenten
  • Software Engineering
  • Technische Informatica