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Burgermeester Rijnderslaan 30

Graph theory for web robots and research

Please do some research and advise us what path to take for our robot!!

In this project we are looking for a researcher that can both see technology and business value out of innovation. The student must be critical in understanding some basic concepts of web development and business processes.

This is the theme…

We want to build a system that knows what tasks to execute to solve a problem or subtasks. In order to do this, we are building a robot in a web application that uses mathematical reasoning to 1) gather the steps that needs to be taken and 2) define chronology to those steps to actual execute the tasks.

The result is that you get a mix of understanding business and processes together with robotic process automation together with graph theory.

Let’s get to business…

We would like to ask from you to build logic and a robot that is able te recognize which tasks belongs to what requests and see what the best graph theory is to implement. We expect you to do 40% research and 60% developing work with contact with the business. So in short your tasks:

-        - Research graph theory and reinforcement learning

-        - Co-develop in a web application in Python

-        - Develop a web robot that is able to recognize what needs to be done

-        Have fun and learn as much as you can

You have freedom to execute your ideas and have great techlab with knowledgeable people who are more than happy to help you out. Also we appreciate if you are critical towards us and guide us the right way!

Would be nice if you bring this along:

-        - Programming knowledge in python, java, php or C (you do not need to be pro)

-        - Research skills

-        - Knowledge about business innovation and business process modeling

-        - UML diagram drawings


Geschikt voor studenten
  • Business IT & Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Technische Informatica