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Internship Global Software Developer BI, Data and Analytics

As Software Engineer Intern at Arcadis, you will help to transform our clients’ data into tangible business value by analyzing information, communicating outcomes, and collaborating on software development.

Software Engineers are in demand across the Arcadis, meaning you will have many opportunities to forward your career within the organization. As part of a Global Team, you will create an international network and develop your skills in a unique enterprise environment. You will have the chance to support projects in diverse lines of work from mobility, places, and resilience, to explore use cases within the realm of build assets. Join the forward-thinking teams at Arcadis solving some of the world’s most complex problems – there is no better place to start your career! 


Your responsibilities: 

·       Design, build and launch together with an international team of software developers, our citizen development portal. The citizen development portal is a central location of our citizen developers to an online library with guides, tutorials, knowledge development, a self-service portal, and an interactive way to communicate with the Technology organization. The learning curve is steep, you will get excellent guidance, and it requires a specific mindset “you build it, you own it,” something that you can be really proud of after your internship 

·       Supporting our data science team with rapid prototyping for data science models, deploying machine learning to enable stakeholders to scale and industrialized our data science projects. Be innovative, make an impact and create value for the business.  

·       Be part of the global communities in low-code application development.  Your will share your practical experience and knowledge and educate our citizen developers to use low-code applications solutions, develop components for the business that the citizen developers can re-use on their projects. Promote reusability with professionals across business lines and departments; use this to shape the direction of our work.   


This vacancy is also open for graduate students who need to write their thesis with the Global Director BI. Data & Analytics, you will explore possible topics. The position has a minimum duration of six months starting September or October.   

Experience and knowledge 

No one is perfect, and that is fantastic. We expect you to fail, learn, and succeed several times in this role. It would be great if you have experience and knowledge in: 

·       Practical experience or interest to become a full-stack developer  

·       Practical experience or interest to learn developing desktop and mobile apps.  

·       Practical experience or interest to learn web development technologies such as .NET Core, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, and Azure Web Apps Relevant experience in web development Nodejs, MEAN Stack, and AngularJS/ React.  

·       Proactively solve problems, suggest process improvements, identify risks, recommend actions to mitigate risks, and can handle ambiguity, and learn on the job 

·       Given the international scale and scope of the business, a certain level of flexibility in work hours is essential.  


Ideal Skills: 

·       You have strong technical and analytical abilities and some experience with programming/scripting in Python. 

·       You understand or have experience with web development technologies such as .NET Core, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, and Azure Web Apps Relevant experience in web development Nodejs, MEAN Stack 

·       You understand, or experience with DevOps, agile ways of working, containerization solutions such as Docker, or cloud services such as Azure is a plus 

·       You understand or have experience with Git / GitHub.  

·       You are great at solving problems, debugging, troubleshooting, and designing & implementing solutions to complex technical issues. 

·       You thrive on teamwork and have excellent verbal and written communication skills You have excellent verbal and written communication skills 


You can apply for this position by using the ‘Apply Now’-button on this page.

Geschikt voor studenten
  • Business IT & Management
  • Software Engineering
  • System and Network Engineering/Cyber Security
  • Technische Informatica