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Triplinq Hosted Solutions
Prinsengracht 530

Visualizing and monitoring insights (start Febr. 2022)

It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ companies and organizations will experience a cyberattack. To prevent, detect and respond to today’s most advanced adversaries, we are all challenged with the development of a solid approach, versus the traditional technology and compliance-driven cybersecurity strategies allowing attackers to go undetected whilst moving across systems.

Triplinq supports their customers to be more resilient against cyberthreats by building, operating and maintaining solid digital systems and protecting the most valuable assets of this broad group of customers.

Everything we do is based on frontline expertise of our team and experience and shared knowledge of leading and innovative partners.  The diversity of our team combines our analytic, hunting and consultive skills in such a way that we think and act the way most advanced “opponents” do. Triplinq partners with their customers to assess, respond and defend on cyber threats from the Netherlands based TSOC (Triplinq Security Operating Center). We offer a full array of cyber security products and services to meet Customer risk, compliance and cyber threat prevention needs.

 The demand for threat-prevention rapidly increases from customers all over the world. Resulting in rapid growth to both the company and the data we gather. To keep up with the demand we constantly innovate with new software and technologies to make sure we can provide the best tools and insights for threat-prevention of our customers.

As a data analyst it will be up to you to use a broad data set to plot new dashboards and ease the work of our TSOC team. To achieve this, you will be working with the newest software and tools available from our technology partners.

Using your creativity and insights you will research new ways to use the data we gather to guide the making of important decisions and improve the monitoring capabilities of our systems. Your assignment will not be bound by our vision, your original ideas and suggestions will not be ignored.

This internship is perfect for students with a technical background like cyber security, software engineering and technical informatics.

Hands-on, analytic, project-based internship with excellent remuneration. Start at € 750,- per month

Geschikt voor studenten
  • Software Engineering
  • System and Network Engineering/Cyber Security
  • Technische Informatica