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Delcom International B.V.
Bisonspoor 3002 - B704

Internship ISO27001

Delcom is a fast-growing company with a focus on high end solutions for the fitness, wellness, leisure and recreational industries and has offices in the Netherlands and Spain.

We consider the team as the core of the company and have strong values to achieve the best results together. Read all about this here and continue to read about this opening for an ISO27001 internship.

What we look for

To secure growth for the future Delcom was certified according to the ISO27001 standards in March 2022. Your role will be to guide Delcom through the process of keeping our standards and comliance protocols up to date, improve them and stay tuned with the latest developments. Besides we are ready to investigate the next step for ISO9001.

What we offer

We offer you a workplace where there is plenty of space to grow and develop as a person and professionally. At Delcom we continuously invest in the team with individual and team coaching and we like to say we work distributed.  Distributed meaning we have a great office in The Netherlands very nice office (close to Amsterdam) and Spain but if you prefer to work elsewhere and still get the job done as a team, why not?

What we look for

The ideal candidate will have at least a few years of experience in developing complex applications using different programming code languages and frameworks both on front-end and back-end.

You’re a start-up ready team player, willing to push the bar to achieve ambitious targets and not afraid to face new challenges. Hungry to learn and share your knowledge, passionate about programming and new technologies.

What we offer

Delcom offers a great workspace (feel free to ask our previous compliance intern :)) where you'll be part of a fast growing team with increasing responsibilities for each team and individual as we go. Last but least, we'll make sure you'll have fun working on all of the above!

Geschikt voor studenten
  • Business IT & Management
  • Cyber Security