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Decipher Industries
Prins Hendrikkade 170-1
1011 TC


Maritime luxury technology is stuck in the stone age, with ageing user interfaces, bad performance and low-resolution screens. Essense aims to change that by introducing the Smart Yacht. Our IP uses cutting-edge technology such as computer vision and deep learning to make life aboard a super yacht worthy of the luxury the users are accustomed to. In this assignment you get full creative control to

In this assignment you get full creative control to research, design & develop the next generation in infotainment. The infotainment system will, when finished, be integrated with our existing infrastructure and deployed on the next generation super yacht. 


Research, design and build the next generation of infotainment. Infotainment systems traditionally represent the yacht on a monitor, usually on a (3D) map with metrics such as speed and position. We think that is boring, and would like to challenge you to come up with the next gen. You’ll have full creative freedom to choose direction, but we do expect a working product at the end of the internship. Some ideas, for inspiration:

  • -  Advanced user experience: gesture and/or voice control

  • -  3D user interface: instead of simply showing the vessel on a map, why not

    render the vessel’s environment in real-time?

  • -  Integration with the communication network, via the TV’s camera and

    microphone, for instance in case of an emergency or simply to call your friends

    in a different hut.

  • -  Integration with a local media server

  • -  Touch screen controls

  • -  Integration with our monitoring and control solutions

  • -  Interaction with a companion mobile app (which we can supply)

  • -  etc

    You’ll have a lot of freedom designing and developing your infotainment solution, however, the system must run on an Apple TV. Our preference would be Swift 3 or React Native.


    You’ll work, throughout the course of the assignment, at Decipher Industries HQ. We’ll provide you with your own desk and a MacBook Pro to use, and as a full team member your project will be part of our regular weekly planning sessions. We’ll help you wherever we can, and there’s a relaxed, horizontal atmosphere in the office. We also (regularly) like to drink beer. On top of all that, you’ll receive a reimbursement conforming to market standards. 

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