Internship Digital Experiences IT/AV

Supporting the Cognizant Digital Studio in Amsterdam. This internship is about improving existing prototypes, developing & installing new demo experiences, and improving the overall quality of used technology stacks. (software, OS configurations, different hardware devices, computers or equipment, AV projection technology, audio/video recording & streaming, IoT-network, etc.).

Vacancy Internship UX Designer

Share Council is an employee participation platform for organisations that want to make an impact. It was founded on the premise that the world's biggest problems are just getting bigger - while the world's richest are just getting richer. This cannot be the goal. So we decided to fix both. The secret weapon is co-ownership.

Front-end / React meewerkstage in Amsterdam

Volg jij een opleiding Informatica, Software Engineering of CMD met specialisatie richting development? Ben je op zoek naar een leerzame stage in een snelgroeiend techbedrijf in Amsterdam? Wij zijn op zoek naar een gemotiveerde & zelfstandige development stagiair(e) die een bijdrage wil leveren aan een gloednieuw product en die wil meewerken aan het optimaliseren van onze huidige software.

A test suite for WebAssembly implementations

An open source test suite for WebAssembly implementations exists. To make it suitable for testing based on a functional safety standard, such as the ISO 26262 standard for automotive software, more is needed. In this project we want to investigate what is needed to build parts of it as a proof of concept.

Additional code scanner for compiler-generated code

In the functional safety standard for the aviation industry, there is a requirement that the compiler does not generate "additional code". To help engineers with this analysis, we propose a generic tool that compares the parse tree of the program to the generated assembly.

Test suite for C++ coverage analysis tools

At Solid Sands, we have developed our own tools for coverage analysis of the C++ headers based on a combination of gcov and LLVM-based source code analysis. Now we need to show that these tools are robust enough to use for certification purposes.

Developing a test suite for Rust or Python implementations

The programming languages Rust and Python are both gaining interest in safety-critical embedded applications. To use them in that role, it is required that the implementation is verified with a requirements-based test suite.

Verification of multithreading primitives in C

C11 added multithreading primitives to the C programming language, as well as shared memory communication primitives between threads. These features are difficult to test because they are non-deterministic. In this project we want to work towards a proof of concept approach.

Verifying the implementation of machine learning libraries

AI applications based on Machine Learning are notoriously hard to verify because there is no definition of their expected behavior other than their input set. This makes it hard to put a ML based program in charge of a safety critical device such as a car. But it is possible to verify that the ML algorithm itself is correctly implemented.

Stagiair Front End / Full Stack Developer

Wil jij voor grote klanten betrokken zijn bij het gehele ontwikkeltraject? En dat in een klein team? Met gebruik van onder andere Vue.js en Node.js zijn wij onze bestaande suite aan het vernieuwen en verbeteren. Help jij ons mee onderdelen van de suite te moderniseren en daarbij in het hele traject impact te hebben?