Simulation of traffic scenarios

Research the different traffic situations that can be encountered and implement them into our simulation environment. Think about different types of intersections, roundabouts, etc. in combinations with different sets and behaviors of traffic participants in those scenarios. This quickly results in large amount of test variations, that preferably are all automatically tested and scored.

Object tracking for an autonomous shuttle bus

Fine tuning of the parameters of an extended kalman filter used for object tracking on an autonomous shuttle bus and possibly extending this to use 'multiple models'.

Object motion prediction for an autonmous shuttle bus

To plan the vehicle path and speed, the vehicle will need to perceive the current situation and predict the next few seconds of traffic behaviour. Your goal will be to implement this using a heuristics (simple rules) approach.

Localising a vehicle within a lane using a camera

Detect lane markings in a camera image stream from the autonomous shuttle bus using computer vision techniques.

Networking for interactive security robot: Summer Internship

RRC Robotics is looking for an enthusiastic and technologically apt student to help us improve the network capabilities of our robotic platforms. For this project you will get hands-on experience with RRC’s security and surveillance robot: SAM.